The Stirling MILL could not operate without the support of many people in our communities. From benefactors, to donors, to volunteers, we want to extend our special thanks for your commitment to the MILL, to learning, and to making a difference.


Our benefactors are companies, groups, or charitable organizations that have supported us over the years, helping us grow and build connections in the community. These relationships are reciprocal and appreciated.

  • Municipality of Stirling-Rawdon
  • Stirling-Rawdon Public Library
  • Mill Pond Choral Society, Stirling ON
  • Stirling Lions Club
  • Stirling Legion
  • Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library, Kingston ON
  • Pinnacle Music School, Belleville ON
  • Bruce West Instruments, Stirling ON
  • All Canadian Canvasworks, Belleville ON
  • Blue Skies In the Community, Clarendon ON

And a very special mention for so many friends of the MILL and well-wishers from among the community of people who make Blue Skies Music Festival happen year after year, over years.

All our partner Public Libraries

  • Trent Hills Public Library (Campbellford, Warkworth, Hastings)
  • Marmora & Lake Public Library
  • Madoc Public Library
  • Tweed Public Library
  • Brighton Public Library
  • Quinte West Public Library
  • Belleville Public Library

Professional instrument repairs and supplies

  • Bruce West Instruments, Stirling ON
  • Greg’s Brass and Woodwind Services, Trenton ON
  • Arden’s Music, Trenton & Belleville ON
  • Long and McQuade, Belleville ON
  • Stewart MacDonald, Athens OH


Our donors have contributed financially, and given the instruments, other musical gear, and accessories that have helped establish, develop and maintain the MILL's instrument lending program.

Music is a joy to share, and all those who have contributed from their own pocket, raised money for the MILL, donated musical instruments and gear, all of you have given us the means to share a lot more possibilities for music with a lot more people.

Our instrument donors, too many to name each one; you know who you are. So many beautiful instruments. Everyone at the MILL appreciates what you have given. We're lucky, we get to know a bit about them all.

Such a diverse range of ways to make music. Every gift appreciated, whether it was a large bag of $10 plastic soprano recorders, a sweet-sounding well-loved guitar, a vintage Buescher TrueTone Tenor Sax (it's a beauty...) or a 'rather extensive' collection of miscellaneous drum hardware. (Thank you Peter Bigras.)

You helped put a whole load of musical instruments into a whole lot of hands. That's a lot of smiling faces; so many thank yous!


Our volunteers, past and present, give us a fantastic gift: their time and creativity. Whether it is through their musical, technical, or project management expertise, the Stirling MILL cannot thrive without the selfless dedication of our volunteers. There are many ways to get involved, to support the MILL's program in your community. Even if you cannot play a musical instrument; please consider getting in touch.

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Support the Stirling MILL

Your support for the MILL – in whatever way you are able – is invited and welcomed. There are many tasks to be completed, large and small on an ongoing basis. Opportunities for learning, and to share the skills, experience and ability you have to offer. Get in touch, we’d love to talk with you.