A group of MILL volunteers playing instruments

Fundraising is a terrific way to get involved at the MILL and help us spread the joy of music. We enjoy working with people who are creative and community minded, to network, reach out, and help plan and develop events. And while raising money is required to fund and support our activities here at the MILL and all across our service area, our fundraising goals focus on building relationships, sharing possibilities, and bringing communities together.

How to get involved…?

  • Pick up the phone, give us a call here at the MILL: 613-661-6183. We’re always happy to talk ‘possibilities’.
  • Come in and visit us in-person at the Stirling MILL. We’ll show you around, talk together about what we do, the experience and connections you can bring and how you can become part of the magic. 
  • Come out and join us at a hosted event. Meet some of our ‘MILL people’, introduce yourself and, always, enjoy the music. .
  • Have a friend who might be interested? Please bring them along, you’ll both be welcome. We value and enjoy ‘working together’.