A group of MILL volunteers playing instruments

Without volunteers the Stirling Musical Instrument Lending Library (Stirling MILL) would not exist.

Volunteers have designed and implemented the program. Volunteers have donated the instruments, repaired, cleaned and catalogued the instruments in preparation for them being lent to you.

Local musicians volunteer their time in support of the MILL, testing instruments and playing at promotional events.

Come join our team of dedicated volunteers committed to maintain and grow the Stirling Musical Instrument Lending Library and all our music programming. The MILL engages with people from all across our service area, putting instruments in their hands, smiles on faces, bringing music into lives.

The Stirling MILL can use your skills and abilities.

We are always open to more good people who are able to:

  • Transport musical instruments to/from our Partner Library locations
  • Help maintain and recondition musical instruments of all kinds
  • Sort, evaluate and catalogue music books and instructional materials
  • Join the team staffing and serving Patrons at the MILL
  • Get involved with our promotional and fundraising activities
  • Assist with website maintenance and updating
  • Contribute to our Audio/Visual team
  • Other possibilities (you name it, might be good…!)

Contact us:

Call/text: 613-661-6183

Email: curator@stirlingmill.ca

Tell us about yourself, your experience, what you’d like to do and what you’d like to learn with us at the Stirling Musical Instrument Lending Library.


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Support the Stirling MILL

Your support for the MILL – in whatever way you are able – is invited and welcomed. There are many tasks to be completed, large and small on an ongoing basis. Opportunities for learning, and to share the skills, experience and ability you have to offer. Get in touch, we’d love to talk with you.