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The Stirling MILL is a big project, a not-for-profit organization to serve and build community throughout the area. We are built on grassroots involvement, participation and volunteer contribution from many sources. Your support for the MILL – in whatever way you are able – is invited and welcomed. There are always tasks to be completed, large and small, on an ongoing basis. Opportunities for learning, and to share the skills, experience and ability you have to offer. Get in touch, we’d love to talk with you.


Two people jamming with a banjo
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How to Support Us

Donate a Musical Instrument

The Stirling MILL accepts musical instruments and gear of all kinds (except for full size pianos, organs and other large and heavy ‘non-portable’ items).

Maybe it’s time to tidy up those closets.  

To donate musical equipment please download and complete below.

If you’re not sure the instrument/equipment you have could work for the MILL, get in touch:

(call/text) 613-661-6183

Financial contributions are always welcome too!

As a young, growing organization – opened to the public in January 2019 – the Stirling MILL needs to maximize our results from every dollar we spend. Seems we always have some initiative or other waiting ‘til we can develop the funding required.

If you’d like to help out, we’d love to talk to you about fundraising possibilities and financial donations.

Tax receipts can be available for contributions of $100 or more.

Woman with many instruments she is donating

One of our very appreciated donors!

It felt like Christmas! This lovely lady gave a car-load of instruments to the Stirling MILL.