Portrait of James playing the banjo

James Reid – MILL Curator

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Please ask the MILL's Curator, James Reid. Contact: 613-661-6183, curator@stirlingmill.ca

Recovering from early disagreeable experiences with musical education, James eventually gained access to a guitar. Given an instrument he actually wanted to play and an absence of negative inspiration, he became a passable ‘hack-musician’; a status he maintains and cherishes to this day, over 50 years on.

Finished with high-school, he ran off to work in the theatre and began exploration into late ‘60s alternative culture. Time passed, experience gained, skills acquired: many of them still useful!

Throughout it all, James remained strongly connected to music, both the classical composers from his childhood and the music he learned later for himself. He plays guitar, baritone guitar and tenor banjo. James has performed as both an amateur and – on occasion – professional musician, and hosted many musical events in the community over the past number of years. He has been involved with the Blue Skies Music Festival (Clarendon, ON) since 1986.

Recalling early experience, he determined that ‘rule #1’ is “if we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it right”. Certainly, in music and he hopes – eventually – he will learn to apply this to everything in life.

Several years ago, he began working on his current passion; this resulted in the 2018 incorporation of the Stirling Musical Instrument Lending Library. Opening to the public in January 2019, the Stirling MILL has been keeping him moderately busy ever since.



Portrait of Susan

Susan Carleton-Maines

Board of Directors

Susan Carleton-Maines serves as a Director and President of the MILL’s Board. She lives in the country near Tweed. In her professional life Susan was well-known as a teacher and is recently retired from Principal of the Stirling Public School. She writes, “Music has always been a big part of my life – that’s why I’m happy to help Stirling MILL make it part of yours! It’s an important connector in every culture and fundamental to healthy, happy communities! I’ve seen the impact that music has in supporting positive school culture and helping kids learn better too! Throughout my career I’ve worked to put The Arts, and especially music, in a place of emphasis, where we invest time, money and energy! Growing up, I was fortunate to take piano lessons and sing in a choir. Much of my youth and most of my social connections were centred around music and musical events! They are still so important to me, my family and friends.”

Board member Beth Douglas

Beth Douglas

Board of Directors

Secretary to the MILL's Board. Beth Douglas is a part of the Tweed community. She has loved music her whole life and wanted to be part of an organization that encourages others to learn music. She hopes that the MILL will grow to inspire communities, locally and nationally, to join in and bring the music for everyone.

Dan Guerreiro

Dan Guerreiro, CPA

Board of Directors

Dan Guerreiro grew up in Belleville and he has an affinity for the communities that thrive in the surrounding areas. A Chartered Professional Accountant, Dan serves as Treasurer of the MILL’s Board of Directors. He was inspired to join the Board as a means of giving back to all those communities, to make the ties that bind them just a little stronger. He hopes the MILL will have a large impact in the musical community, going beyond just a place for people to borrow instruments, and becoming a hub of learning and collaboration.


Faces of the Stirling MILL

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