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Music Link is a program from the Stirling Musical Instrument Lending Library. Originally a group offering online musical connections to seniors, this group now engages people of all ages who wish to build virtual connections with others through shared musical interests.
You can access music on your own computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone and connect with a variety of musical opportunities online. Music Link also supports creation of programming and entertainment by and for people in our community.
  • You could learn to play an instrument...
  • Maybe you can mentor someone else...
  • Make new friends and build connections with others through music!
Woman in purple sweater playing ukulele

Playing, learning or listening to music virtually is a great way to connect with people near and far.

Become part of a virtual group and get involved with people who share your interest in music.

Music Link's goal is to offer musical connections through access on your computer or tablet and connecting you with a variety of musical  opportunities. We are creating programs and entertainment by and for local people of all ages. Connecting you with mentoring opportunities to help someone play an instrument or maybe learn to play better yourself.

Get Involved in Music Link

We want to find out from you what may interest you musically? 

There can be as many options as you are interested in. We are gearing up to present and record  musical workshops and clinics, to sponsor live-streamed, participatory musical events: instrumental, sing-a-longs, virtual jams and song circles.  

Would you like to learn an instrument?

We are lining up music workshops and one-on-one musical opportunities.

Do you already play?

Do you already play an instrument and could be interested in mentoring someone to polish up their performance chops? Could be through Zoom on your computer or maybe one-on-one in-person.

Music Link actively recruits participants and volunteers:


  • Recruiting volunteers with musical expertise interested to share their learning and mentor others

Like to Join?

Give us a call or send us an email.
Your input and questions are welcome.

Stirling MILL's Music Link

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