Musical Theatre

Douglas von Edelmann

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Known for his role portrayals in Handel and Mozart operas, Lyric Tenor, Douglas Von Edelmann has broad performance experience both in Canada and internationally, his interpretive finesse in oratorio and…

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Teacher Sophie Bjerke

Sophie Bjerke

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Sophie Bjerke is a Professor Emeritus SUNY Plattsburgh NY & Royal Conservatory of Music, College of Examiners. Her degrees are from UBC & Concordia (Montreal), The Leonardo Project and ARCT…

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teacher Long and McQuade

Sherin Rizk

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Sherin Rizk has been a professional singer since the age of 10. At the age of 12 she went on her first Canadian tour and by 15 she had toured…

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Teacher Ardens Music

Mark Bond

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Mark Bond was a longtime student at Arden’s before moving around to perform, eventually becoming the Music Director for Second City in Toronto. He has been teaching at Arden’s since…

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