Kai Evoy has a deep passion for music. Royal Conservatory trained in piano, voice and music theory; Kai is also certified as a Teacher for Young Children.

Kai approaches music as a language in which all of us should be fluent, and the belief this increases our ability to communicate on richer and deeper levels. Kai is active in Theatre, performing in musicals, accompanying soloists, and composing music.

In addition to furthering his own music studies, Kai takes University classes online and works part time in the Children’s Department at Stirling Library. He says, “Communicating through music is like telling a story. It can ignite emotions the same way as a good book. Music is a gift that can take you on adventures and shape the way you see the world around you.”

Kai teaches individual lessons to students at his home studio. He also offers Music for Young Children group sessions for parents and very young children, exploring musical instruments, rhythm and beats, and basic music theory through songs and games played together.

Kai Evoy Music teaching
Kai Evoy Music teaching studio
Teacher Kai Evoy



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