Board of Directors

Susan Carleton-Maines, Board of Directors

President of the MILL’s Board, Susan lives in the country near Tweed. In her professional life Susan is well-known as a teacher and is currently Principal of the Stirling Public School. She writes, “Music has always been a big part of my life – that’s why I’m happy to help Stirling MILL make it part of yours! It’s an important connector in every culture and fundamental to healthy, happy communities! I’ve seen the impact that music has in supporting positive school culture and helping kids learn better too! Throughout my career I’ve worked to put The Arts, and especially music, in a place of emphasis, where we invest time, money and energy! Growing up, I was fortunate to take piano lessons and sing in a choir. Much of my youth and most of my social connections were centered around music and musical events! They are still so important to me, my family and friends.”

Beth Douglas – Board of Directors

Secretary of the MILL’s Board, Beth is a part of the Tweed community. She has loved music her whole life and wanted to be a part of an organization that encourages others to learn music. She hopes that the MILL will grow to inspire communities, locally and nationally, to join in and bring the music for everyone.

Dan Guerreiro – Board of Directors

Treasurer of the MILL’s Board, Dan grew up in Belleville and its surrounding areas. He has an affinity for the communities that thrive there. He was inspired to join the board as a means of giving back to all those communities, to make the ties that bind them just a little stronger. He hopes that the MILL will be able to have a large impact in the musical community, going beyond just a place for people to borrow instruments, and becoming a hub of learning and collaboration.

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