Board of Directors

Susan Carleton-Maines, Board of Directors

President of the MILL’s Board, Susan lives in the country near Tweed. In her professional life Susan is well-known as a teacher and is currently Principal of the Stirling Public School. She writes, “Music has always been a big part of my life – that’s why I’m happy to help Stirling MILL make it part of yours! It’s an important connector in every culture and fundamental to healthy, happy communities! I’ve seen the impact that music has in supporting positive school culture and helping kids learn better too! Throughout my career I’ve worked to put The Arts, and especially music, in a place of emphasis, where we invest time, money and energy! Growing up, I was fortunate to take piano lessons and sing in a choir. Much of my youth and most of my social connections were centered around music and musical events! They are still so important to me, my family and friends.”

Elizabeth Slavin – Board of Directors

Elizabeth Slavin, Secretary to the Board, Elizabeth lives in Stirling-Rawdon. An inspiration to us all, she helps keep the business side of the MILL on track. Recently retired from driving big trucks on highways across Canada and all around the States, Elizabeth’s life is rich with social and community involvement. The 6th child in a creative, musical family, she grew up with the homemade and recorded music from her brothers and sisters, mother and father – everything from classical to Elvis. Graduating from university in her mid-thirties, Elizabeth worked with Quinte Literacy, with the Workplace Learning Program, and then created the Women’s Learning Program: which, she smiles, “magically keeps creating itself!” She brings her strength in organizing, and experience in networking and promotion to her work on the Board, and shares her warmth and kindness with everyone. She loves the time spent staffing at the Stirling MILL, helping match Patrons young and old with the instruments they’re looking for. Elizabeth sings with her husband Robert and participates in making music as often as she can. She revels in community outreach, spreading word of our instrument lending program, workshops and learning opportunities.

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Shane Slimmon – Board of Directors

Member Board of Directors, Shane comes to the Stirling MILL with passion: “Music holds an amazing power to change someone’s life…” And the ambition to share opportunities for learning and playing any and all kinds of music. “Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Country, Punk, Alternative, Hip Hop, Top 40, Big Band… A good song, is a good song, is a good song!” As a child wanting to learn music, “We had no instruments, little money and few options.” Now, he has his own band, Conan’s Wheel (2-piece, drums and bass). His musical projects have included: theatrical stage shows, and bands ranging through Punk, Metal, Rock and Country; solo acoustic gigs as well. The father of 3 boys, their household includes several guitars, a keyboard and “drums to get super loud with”. (Shane’s a drummer, their mother must be a saint…!) “I can see they have that same joy and excitement for music”, he says. “They really enjoy learning.” Shane enjoys ‘the front line’, serving Patrons in the MILL and the possibilities it offers; pretty good with instrument maintenance, and the organizational side too.

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